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bonsmaraDisco Bonsmara stud was registered in 2007. Top genetics were acquired by buying breeding cows, "Golden oldies", from established herds namely Zinabos (Fourie Scheepers), Rutland (Keith Thompson), Hanzyl (Gerrit van Zyl) and Dikdoorns (Chris Welman).

Sires were bought from Up George, Sernick, Syferfontein and Arcadia Bonsmaras.

The herd currently consists of 220 registered breeding cows and 7 sires.

The consultants play a major role in the rigorous selection of genetics and phenotype properties.

Pastures consist of 3000 hectares of Uitenhage bushveld, 40 hectares of irrigated Kikuyu and 25 hectares of lucerne.

Managed by Boeram



Bonsmara Cattle

The Bonsmara is a breed of cattle that originates in South Africa, where it was created specifically for sub-tropical climates. Several breeds were scientifically selected and combined for their superior traits in extensive cattle grazing and economical production.

History of the Bonsmara

In 1937, cattle owners in sub-tropical regions came to the conclusion that British breeds weren’t suitable for the climate due to their poor heat tolerance, but also that the more suitable Afrikaner wasn’t as productive in terms of calving frequency. As a result, Professor Jan Bonsma, in collaboration with the Messina Livestock Research Station, tested for the best breed combinations.

Bonsma selected 5 bulls from British breeds and used them to impregnate Afrikaner cows. The calves were tested, and the researchers decided to continue with the Hereford and Shorthorn crosses, as these were the most effective. In the end, Bonsma settled on a breed that was 5 parts Afrikaner and 3 parts Hereford or Shorthorn.

Within a short space of time Bonsma and his team got promising results. The new crossbreed had an average weaning weight of 195kg at 240 days, which was around 20% higher than the three original breeds. Also, the percentage of calving cows was higher than the three breeds, and the calf mortality rate was much lower than the 2 British breeds.

After 20 years of strict breeding selection, the team ended up with a breed of cattle that performed significantly better than the parent breeds. It was a vastly superior breed, ideally suited to the bushveld of the Northern Transvaal.

The breed’s name comes from a combination of “Bonsma”, the breeder and main developer, and “Mara”, which was the farm on which the breeding took place.

One of the best things about the breed history is that Bonsma kept a pictorial diary of its development. This makes it the only breed to have a genealogy in pictures, from initial development to the final breed.


✔ Red in color, with a combination of attributes from Bos indicus and Bos taurus.
✔ Horned at birth, but must be de-horned to comply with breed standards.
✔ All breed traits, standards, and conformities were selected to satisfy the needs of a modern commercial beef market.
✔ Once inspected and approved, Bonsmaras are branded on the right shoulder with the breed mark.
✔ The Bonsmara has become numerically the most popular breed in South Africa in less than 25 years.
✔ Well suited to sub-tropical climate.
✔ Produces high quality meat.
✔ Is easy to calf.
✔ Known for calm temperament and being easy to handle.
✔ Suitable for use in cross breeding projects.


There are currently around 60,000 registered Bonsmara females being performance recorded in Africa, where the breed is mainly used. This adds to a herd of around 4 million, and the breed has also been exported to North America and Australia.





The Herd

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